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Sweden is one of the destinations that will delight enthusiasts of wild, Scandinavian nature and amazing landscapes, as well as those who plan a city break full of attractions. Regardless of whether you want to rest for a while and recharge your internal batteries, or maybe discover the interesting history, culture and architecture of Sweden - in this article you will find the most important tips to make your trip unforgettable! Check what to pack when planning a vacation in Sweden and what to see, eat and remember. 

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Leisure and sightseeing

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The most useful items 

There are a few things to pack in your luggage when you are planning a vacation in Sweden. From the obvious ones, such as documents, to those more specific to trips to Scandinavia - see what you need to remember. 

  • Masks and antibacterial gel - this year we are all used to the fact that when planning a trip we have to stock up on an appropriate supply of disposable masks and an antibacterial gel. Remember to have at least two single-use masks for one day of stay. 
  • ID card - to enter the territory of Sweden we need an ID card. Of course, we can also take a passport with us. We do not need any type of visa if our stay in Sweden will be less than ninety days. If you want to rent a car to travel in Swedish cities, remember about the driving license. 
  • Health insurance - Sweden is among the countries covered by the European Health Insurance Card, so if we are insured in our country - we are entitled to free healthcare also abroad. 
  • The Swedish krona - the currency used in Sweden. In most cities, there should be no major problem with cashless payments, but it is worth having some cash with you - for example for tips. 
  • Rainproof, warm clothes - the weather in Sweden, even in the hottest months, can surprise us! If you are planning a trip to this beautiful country, be sure to pack a raincoat and fleece to be prepared for any eventuality.

Packing list


  •      Travel insurance
  •      Wallet
  •      Health insurance
  •      ID card
  •      Credit card
  •      House keys
  •      Cash

Pack with MyLuggage

  •     Socks x3
  •     Pants x3
  •     Sleepwear / Pajamas
  •     Flip-flops / slippers
  •     Comfortable shoes
  •     T-Shirt x2
  •     Trouser belt
  •     Summer jacket
  •     Hoodie
  •     Trousers


  •     Shower gel
  •     Shampoo
  •     Toothbrush
  •     Toothpaste
  •     Perfume
  •     Antiperspirant
  •     Contraceptives
  •     Prescription drugs 
  •     An anti-diarrheal drug
  •     Painkiller
  •     Pills for sore throat
  •     Patches 
  •     Hairband
  •     Power bank
  •     Phone
  •     Glasses box
  •     Sunglasses
  •     Telephone
  •     Cotton mask
  •     Headphones
  •     Phone charger

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What should you eat when visiting Sweden? 

Swedish cuisine is not very popular, but there are several dishes and products that you have to try when visiting this country. 

  • Herring - in Sweden, herring is consumed in ways we haven't even heard of! It is by far the most popular fish in this country. Pickled herrings are really worth trying. Although the dish may not sound very appetizing, Surströmming is a dish that has huge fans. It is traditionally eaten on June 24, the celebration of welcoming summer. Their smell is so specific that it is popular to eat them only outside. For fans of more traditional flavors, the Swedes suggest Skärgårdssill - herring in cream or Dillströmming  - herring in dill.
  • Köttbullar - small, tender pork meatballs. We probably know them from the Ikea menu, but these eaten locally in Sweden are even tastier.
  • Renskav - dried or frozen and then fried meat of... reindeer. Something for fans of unusual gastronomic experiences! Do you dare to test this Swedish delicacy?
  • Kanelbulle - if you like sweets, you will love this dessert! These are delicious, cinnamon, yeast rolls, loved by Swedes. They are very sweet - the buns are sprinkled with a huge amount of sugar. Why? Sugar was not easily available in Sweden not so long ago, so its excess was a sign of wealth.
  • Hamburger with herring - sounds unusual? Sure! It’s an extremely popular version of Swedish fast-food. For fans of more classic flavors, the proposal is a roll with a mayonnaise shrimp salad. We will pay only about 2-3 euros for such a meal. 

How much money should you take with you?

Sweden, like all Scandinavian countries, is quite an expensive country. Going there, we must be ready either for big expenses or for trying to save on many levels - from the accommodation, through gastronomy, to entertainment. 

  • On average, we will pay about 80 euros for a night to stay in Sweden. If we want to stay in a cheaper hostel, we must be ready to spend about 50 euros. Choosing a double room in a better standard - we will pay more or less twice as much. 
  • A cheap meal for one person is around 10 euros, but a meal for two in a nice restaurant will cost from 60 euros upwards. 
  • Half a liter of local beer costs around 6 euros. Coffee - around 3.50 euros. 
  • A local public transport ticket costs around 2.80 euros. A liter of gasoline - 1.5 euros.


The question of whether Sweden is a safe country is quite controversial. Swedes are generally considered to be law-abiding. In large cities, however, we must pay special attention to pickpockets and fraudsters, and at airports or stations - we should be ready for possible, frequent police checks in connection with the threat of terrorism. Warning! The suburbs of Malmo are considered quite dangerous. 

Useful information 

  • Traditional Swedish dinner consists not of three but five meals. In the beginning, starters are served - herring, bread, and cheese. Then fish dishes, salads, and cold meats. Later, warm dishes and vegetarian dishes appear on the table. At the end - time for dessert! 
  • In Sweden, fines are determined depending on the amount of the daily rate - for example, for driving under the influence of alcohol (0.2-0.49 per mille) we will pay the equivalent of 40 daily rates. 
  • Most shops are open seven days a week - also on Sundays. 
  • Let's check if there are no profitable tourist cards in the place we are going to, which will allow us to save on entries to attractions - in Stockholm, the Stockholm Pass is such a card. 
  • In many large cities in the city center, you will find free wifi hotspots. 
  • In Sweden, it can be hard to buy alcohol above 3.5%. We can only find it in pubs, restaurants, and special Systembolaget stores. 
  • July is a holiday month for Swedes - many small shops and restaurants may then be closed due to owners' trips. 

Sweden is a beautiful and interesting travel destination - even for demanding travelers. If you are planning your Swedish vacation, be sure to download the MyLuggage app and let us take care of planning your packing list!