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Luxurious watches and pocket knives, excellent cheeses, delicious chocolates or beautiful mountains - no matter what you associate Switzerland with, you surely know how interesting this travel destination is. In this article we will tell you how to prepare for a trip to Switzerland, what you should know and what to remember when packing for your holiday in Switzerland! 

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The most useful items

When packing for Switzerland, a few surprises are awaiting us - from the currency, to the necessary documents. Check out what you shouldn’t forget! 

  • Masks and antibacterial gel - naturally, regardless of where we go, we must remember about the right amount of disposable or cotton masks and an antibacterial gel to ensure the safety of ourselves and those around us. Switzerland is no exception. 
  • ID card - many people wonder what documents are needed to cross the Swiss border, as Switzerland is not a member of the European Union. We have good news for you - all you need is your ID card! Switzerland is a signatory to the Schengen agreement, therefore we don’t need to take a passport or a visa with us.
  • Swiss franc... but also the euro - despite the fact that the currency in Switzerland is the Swiss franc, we can easily pay in euro in most places. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a currency card and take it with us.
  • Socket adapter - in Switzerland, you will find unusual J-type electrical sockets. Remember to pack the appropriate adapter before leaving. 

Packing list


  •      Travel insurance
  •      Wallet
  •      Health insurance
  •      ID card
  •      Credit card
  •      House keys
  •      Cash

Pack with MyLuggage

  •     Socks x3
  •     Pants x3
  •     Sleepwear / Pajamas
  •     Flip-flops / slippers
  •     Comfortable shoes
  •     T-Shirt x2
  •     Trouser belt
  •     Summer jacket
  •     Hoodie
  •     Trousers


  •     Shower gel
  •     Shampoo
  •     Toothbrush
  •     Toothpaste
  •     Perfume
  •     Antiperspirant
  •     Contraceptives
  •     Prescription drugs 
  •     An anti-diarrheal drug
  •     Painkiller
  •     Pills for sore throat
  •     Patches 
  •     Hairband
  •     Power bank
  •     Phone
  •     Glasses box
  •     Sunglasses
  •     Telephone
  •     Cotton mask
  •     Headphones
  •     Phone charger

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What should you eat when visiting Switzerland? 

Swiss gastronomy is worldwide famous! The highest quality is the motto of a whole trip to Switzerland. Check what is worth eating! 

  • Fondue - one of Switzerland's most famous dishes. Known and liked both in the cheese version - we dip a baguette, vegetables or meat in the heated, liquid cheese, and in the sweet version - fruit is dipped in melted chocolate.
  • Raclette - a delicacy that is gradually gaining popularity throughout Europe. The large cheese disc is warmed up, and the melted top layer is poured over the dish - for example meat or potatoes. 
  • Zürcher Geschnetzeltes - Delicious traditional Swiss lunch. These are delicate slices of veal in white wine and cream, served with sides. 
  • Mässmogge - very sweet sweets from Basel. These are delicious candies filled with hazelnut pralines.
  • Rösti - Swiss potato pancakes. They are made of slightly cooked, grated potatoes. Often served with melted cheese, fried egg or sausage. They are usually very large. They can be served as a complete dish or as an addition to the main course.
  • Swiss toasts - this is a common choice for breakfast or an appetizer. On the toast the excellent quality cheese is melted with the addition of eggs, cold cuts or vegetables. 
  • Capuns - Swiss cabbage rolls. Blanched chard leaves are stuffed with a tasty flour-egg mass.

How much money should you take with you?

Unfortunately, Switzerland and Iceland have been taking turns in the ranking of the most expensive countries in the world for years. When going on vacation there, we must be ready for really big expenses, even if we buy products in larger supermarkets. 

  • A place in an 8-person room in a hostel in Zurich costs a minimum of 30 euros. 
  • A meal in a cheap restaurant will cost us around CHF 25, and in a larger restaurant - a minimum of CHF 50-60.
  • You will pay around CHF 2.5 for a bottle of beer in the supermarket, and around CHF 7 in the restaurant.
  • A liter of gasoline costs around CHF 1.60, and a liter of diesel costs CHF 2.10. 
  • You will pay CHF 18 for admission to the cinema, a single public transport ticket costs CHF 3.20, and for one kilometer by taxi… you will pay CHF 4, of, plus an additional CHF 6.80 for the start of the course. 


  • Interestingly, Switzerland has the lowest crime rate of any industrialized country. The Swiss are usually law-abiding,  but using common sense when talking to strangers and walking through the city is always a good idea.
  • Although the Swiss are usually law-abiding, bribes of up to 25 francs are not only accepted but also very common in everyday situations.

Useful information 

  • If you want to save a bit, we definitely recommend shopping in one of the two popular grocery chains - Coop and Migros. Warning! You can't buy alcohol at Migros.
  • Remember that roaming is very expensive in Switzerland as the country is not part of the European Union.
  • Switzerland has no capital! Brno is often considered to be one, because it is the headquarters of the government.
  • Free city bikes, often also electric bikes, are waiting for you in Zurich and Geneva. However, it is necessary to pay the appropriate deposit.
  • Don't be surprised when you see the host's name instead of the number on the door of a Swiss house. 
  • Remember that all shops in Switzerland are closed on Sunday!
  • It may come as an unpleasant surprise that you won't buy alcohol anywhere from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Switzerland is a fascinating country famous for its luxury goods, punctuality and beautiful landscapes. If you plan to go there, be sure to download the MyLuggage app so that you don't forget about anything when packing... And then plan your dream vacation with us!