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When we think about holidays spent in Austria, the first thoughts are probably the snowy Alps and bustling Vienna, full of architectural gems - and a real treat for history fans. But Austria is much more - see what is worth seeing in this country, what you should eat and what to pack to be ready for your trip! 

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Leisure and sightseeing

Trip length

3 nights











The most useful items

Fortunately, packing for a trip to Austria does not require special preparation or shopping. However, there are a few things that should be especially remembered before traveling. Check what to pack! 

  • Masks and antibacterial gel - during the coronavirus pandemic, each of us must take special care of ourselves and those around us. Therefore, remember to pack the right amount of disposable masks in your suitcase (at least two for one day of stay) and an antibacterial hand gel. 
  • ID card - people living in the territory of the European Union countries do not need a passport or a visa to cross the Austrian border - all you need is an ID card. Remember to pack your driving license if you plan to rent a car.  
  • Warm clothes - if you are planning a trip to the Austrian mountains, remember to pack warm clothes - even in the middle of summer you may be surprised by the very low temperature and snow. 
  • Comfortable shoes - both long hikes around Vienna and walks in the mountain regions of Austria, require us to have comfortable and proven shoes with us.
  • Currency card and the euro - the Austrian schilling was replaced with the euro some time ago. Therefore, when going to Austria, remember to pack your currency card or exchange money in a favorable exchange office. In Austria, paying by credit card is very popular and it shouldn't be a problem, even in smaller towns. 

Packing list 


  •      Travel insurance
  •      Wallet
  •      Health insurance
  •      ID card
  •      Credit card
  •      House keys
  •      Cash

Pack with MyLuggage

  •     Socks x3
  •     Pants x3
  •     Sleepwear / Pajamas
  •     Flip-flops / slippers
  •     Comfortable shoes
  •     T-Shirt x2
  •     Trouser belt
  •     Summer jacket
  •     Hoodie
  •     Trousers


  •     Shower gel
  •     Shampoo
  •     Toothbrush
  •     Toothpaste
  •     Perfume
  •     Antiperspirant
  •     Contraceptives
  •     Prescription drugs 
  •     An anti-diarrheal drug
  •     Painkiller
  •     Pills for sore throat
  •     Patches 
  •     Hairband
  •     Power bank
  •     Phone
  •     Glasses box
  •     Sunglasses
  •     Telephone
  •     Cotton mask
  •     Headphones
  •     Phone charger

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What should you eat when visiting Austria? 

Schnitzel, Sacher cake, delicious omelets, apple strudel… The very thought of delicious Austrian cuisine is tempting. But this beautiful country has much more to offer to fans of delicious cuisine! Austrian cuisine is characterized by German, French, Czech, and even… Italian influences. See what you must eat when visiting Austria! 

  • Viennese schnitzel - it may slightly resemble the well-known pork chop, but it differs from it in several key details. It is definitely thinner, so it usually takes up almost the entire plate. Schnitzels are usually served with a lemon wedge and a cold potato salad. 
  • Kasekrainer - a delicious street food dish. These are lightly smoked pork sausages served with cheese. They can be boiled, grilled or fried. Just in time to ease your hunger after a long sightseeing tour! 
  • Strudel - both the most popular, with apples and cinnamon, and a slightly less known version - with cottage cheese. This dessert is a must-try when visiting Austria!
  • Sacher cake - the original one, bearing this name and signed with a special seal, can only be served in one place - Hotel Sacher. But variations on it can be found all over Austria. It’s a delicious and very sweet dessert consisting of layers of chocolate cake layered with apricot jam, and covered with white chocolate. 
  • Frittatensoupe - an interesting proposition for fans of new flavors! It is a beef broth served with... a pancake cut into thin strips instead of pasta. This is one of those dishes that came to Austria from abroad and settled down for good. Italian or Jewish cuisine is indicated as its origin. 

How much money should you take with you?

Austria, unfortunately, is not one of the most affordable countries - especially when we are talking about Vienna or ski resorts. 

  • We will pay around 15-20 euros for a soup and a main course in a restaurant. In a better restaurant, we must be prepared to spend a minimum of 35 euros per person. 
  • Half a liter of beer in a pub or restaurant will cost us around 4 euros. 
  • For a room in a mid-range hotel, we will pay around 80-100 euros per night. 
  • A liter of gasoline will cost us about 1-1.5 euros. 


  • Austria is one of the countries with relatively low crime rates. 
  • Austrians are generally considered to be law-abiding. They are also known to be quite good drivers. 
  • Remember to be careful in contact with newly met people and watch out for valuable items. 

Useful information 

  • If you are a student, it pays off to have an ISIC card - thanks to this you will be entitled to many discounts. It is worth asking about them, even if the information about honoring the card is not displayed. 
  • If you plan to travel in Austria by train, check if you are entitled to discounts such as Inter-Rail (for these up to 26 years old) or other discounts that will allow you to save a lot.
  • Did you know that one of the most popular pistols in the world, Glock, comes from Austria? A lot of Austrians are interested in shooting, so if you want to feel like an action movie hero, testing this gun in its homeland is a great idea. 
  • Vienna is full of operas, theaters, casinos and other luxurious venues. If you want to spend an unforgettable evening, don't forget about elegant clothes and go to an exclusive show. 
  • Every fourth inhabitant of Austria lives in Vienna! However, if you prefer quieter destinations - in Austria you will find dozens of open-air museums scattered around mountain towns. 

Austria is an extremely interesting travel destination both for fans of active leisure, as well as fans of fascinating monuments and beautiful landscapes. Before you go on your trip to Austria, be sure to download the MyLuggage app and let us help you pack for your holiday - and you can start planning an unforgettable holiday!