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What to pack for holidays - checklist for 2020

It's finally time for the long-awaited vacation! It's no secret that the 2020 summer season is significantly different from the previous ones. Each vacation is unique and requires a proper preparation. Now, however, we must also remember to pack a few additional things that will help us ensure safety during a pandemic. Check what to take on vacation!

In this article, you will find not only tips on how to safely pack yourself and your loved ones for a trip during the coronavirus pandemic but also universal tips that will prepare you for a trip to the mountains, to the seaside, when planning an active vacation, city break or even tropical vacation. Check what you need to pack!

A must-have during the coronavirus pandemic

This year is very specific in terms of travel. What do we need to remember when deciding to travel during the coronavirus pandemic? These few tips will make you travel safely and without putting your health at risk!

  • Masks - remember to pack a sufficient supply of face masks. Regardless of whether you choose disposable or cotton masks - bring at least two masks for a day of travel (or enough cotton masks so you always have one extra for a change). Always wear a mask when walking among people, for example in a hotel, train station, airport or while visiting attractions.
  • Antibacterial gel - another must-have item of luggage. Always use it when you cannot wash your hands in the traditional way.
  • Before leaving, be sure to check any restrictions that apply to your destination. Make sure the places you want to visit are open and what precautions you have to take.
  • Make sure that you do not have to go into quarantine after returning from the country or entering the country of destination.
  • If you have such an opportunity, choose travel destinations that are less crowded with tourists.
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For the mountain lover

Mountains are a demanding but also an extremely rewarding destination. We must be prepared for many hours of walking, changing weather conditions, and lack of access to urban infrastructure. What do we need to remember when going to the mountains?

  • Prepare for any weather. Take a warm sweatshirt, a raincoat, and something to protect your shoulders and head from the sun.
  • Remember to never take newly purchased shoes on your trip. This is the simplest recipe for giving yourself prints and abrasions that will make hiking impossible. Always choose proven, comfortable and worn footwear.
  • Pack a lunch that is resistant to high temperatures. Remember that ham sandwiches, yogurts, or chocolate may not last both a few hours in a backpack and out of the refrigerator.
  • When going to the mountains, it is good to have both documents and a paper map on hand - you never know when they might come in handy.
  • Pack a capacious power bank and a phone charging cable with you.
  • Don't forget the sunscreen - it's very easy to get sunburn when hiking in the mountains.

For a fan of sunbathing

A carefree vacation on the beach is a proven way to relax on holidays. What do you have to remember when packing to the seaside?

Sun protection is essential. Remember that if you have tattoos, it is best to lubricate them with a blocker, i.e. a cream with a sunscreen of 50 SPF and more.
  • Don't forget to protect your head, hair, and eyes. A baseball cap or hat, sunglasses, and a hair filter spray are mandatory items of luggage.
  • When packing your beach bag, don't forget to bring water, towels, a pair of flip-flops, and a protective case for your phone to keep it out of the sand. If you do not have it, all you need is a sealed foil bag.
  • Take with you handy, portable versions of used cosmetics - thermal water or cream with a filter.
  • It's hard to use the screen of your phone or tablet in bright sunlight, so it's a good idea to take an e-book reader with e-ink technology with you.

When you like active rest

Cycling, roller skating, kitesurfing, or maybe jogging? If sport is synonymous with holidays for you - we have some tips.

  • Breathable clothing is a must-have when you are planning an active holiday in the midday sun.
  • Pack a light water bottle with you that will not be uncomfortable for you.
  • Check what types of phone holders will be the most comfortable for you.
  • Make sure your phone is properly protected against water by selecting the appropriate case.

When you are planning a city break

Bustling, unknown city is the perfect place for a vacation. From a rich gastronomic offer, through beautiful monuments, to communing with a new culture - this is an opportunity for real globetrotters!

  • Before you go for a city break, download useful applications that will allow you to manage your trip from your phone screen. Airbnb, Zomato, Google Maps, or Splitwise are our proven proposals that allow you to save a lot of money and make it easier to navigate a new city.
  • Power bank is a must! When you use the internet and take a lot of photos, the battery percentage drops quickly.
  • Comfortable shoes are essential, even if they do not match the club's evening outfit.
  • And as we talk about clubs - pack cosmetics that can work as 2 in 1. An example would be a lipstick that you can also use as a blush or a bronzer that will work as an eyeshadow.
  • If you are planning a city break abroad, invest in a currency card such as Revolut to save on currency conversion.

For a tropical adventure

Are you planning a tropical trip? An unforgettable adventure awaits you! Remember a few tips to pack everything you need:

  • Travel insurance is a must, especially when you travel outside the European Union.
  • Bring a tropical insect spray - such as Mugga.
  • Check which vaccinations are mandatory and recommended before going to a given country.
  • Make sure you have completed all the formalities necessary for obtaining a visa.
  • Don't forget about the handy first aid kit! Patches, a burn lotion, insect bite ointment, an anti-diarrheal agent, and painkillers are a must.

Thailand, Indonesia, or maybe… the Maldives? Check how to save on tropical holidays and what to pack!

2020 is a specific time to travel. Each travel destination is unique, and this year, we must also remember about a few additional details that will ensure a safe journey. To make sure you don't forget anything, install the MyLuggage app and let us take care of your packing list - and go back to planning your dream vacation!